Employment Services

Progress Unlimited, Inc.'s supported employment program encourages every interested individual to consider employment as his/her outcome. The supported employment program places individuals in a competitive and integrated setting which complement their strengths, priorities, abilities, interests, and informed choice with ongoing support services.

The goal of PUI's supported employment program is job placement in an integrated setting for the maximum number of hours possible based on the individuals employment factors. A key characteristic which distinguishes supported employment from other employment services is the provision of ongoing support services for individuals with the most significant disabilities to maintain employment. Ongoing support services are provided throughout the intensive and extended phases of supported employment.

PUI utilizes the following customized approach to ensure a successful employment match:

  • An initial exploration process which identifies each job seekers skills, preferences, and natural talents as potential employer contributions.
  • Provides opportunities for informational interviews, job shadowing, time limited work experiences with potential employers to gain a better understanding of specific job tasks and work environments.
  • Identifies specific labor needs of area businesses to foster a relationship in the community between the employer and our job seeker.
  • Provides continuing support through job coaching, mentoring, training and/or the development of natural workplace supports to ensure a successful transition.

For more information or to inquire about services, contact:
Susan Weisgerber
Director of Meaningful Day and Personal Supports
410-363-8550 ext 3111