Personal Supports

Empowering Individuals with Disabilities

Progress Unlimited, Inc.'s Personal Supports program is designed to empower individuals with disabilities, enabling them to thrive as valued members of their home and community. This service is tailored to cultivate skills and provide experiences that enhance self-sufficiency, always taking into account the unique needs and preferences of each person. Personal Support services encompass a broad range of assistance in various areas.

The overarching goal of PUI’s Personal Supports program is to empower individuals with disabilities in acquiring and honing their independent living skills. By focusing on community participation, integration, and a sense of belonging, the program aims to guide individuals towards achieving the highest level of independence possible. Through personalized and holistic support, PUI strives to help individuals lead fulfilling lives within their communities aligning with our overall goals.

For more information or to inquire about services, contact:
Susan Weisgerber
Director of Meaningful Day and Personal Supports
410-363-8550 ext 3111

Assistance Areas

  • Community Integration : Fostering the development of skills that allow individuals to become full and active members of their community.
  • Social Connection : Assisting in the development and enhancement of new friendships, expanding the personal circle of support, and promoting social interaction.
  • Skill Development : Supporting the exploration and development of activities and skills that align with the individual's interests.
  • Personal Care : Enhancing personal care routines to ensure well-being and independence.
  • Home Management : Guiding individuals in learning to maintain a home, including responsibilities such as shopping and household tasks.
  • Daily Routine : Assisting in the establishment of a daily routine schedule to promote structure and organization.
  • Financial Independence : Teaching money management skills to promote financial independence.
  • Transportation : Exploring transportation options to enhance mobility and accessibility.
  • Health and Fitness : Promoting health awareness and fitness activities for overall well-being.
  • Medical Support : Facilitating and arranging medical appointments to ensure ongoing health care.
  • Social Skills : Enhancing social skills to facilitate meaningful interactions within the community.
  • Nutritional Awareness : Providing guidance on nutritional awareness, including the preparation of healthy meals.
  • Problem Solving : Developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills to navigate challenges effectively.
  • Community Exploration : Assisting in exploring community programs and memberships to foster a sense of belonging.
  • Communication Skills : Enhancing communication skills to facilitate effective interaction with others.
  • Educational Support : Facilitating educational programs to promote continuous learning and personal development.
  • Decision-Making : Supporting individuals in planning and making informed decisions about their lives.